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We have programs to meet different needs

Insight Online Program

Insight Online

Live classes. Every day of the week, adapt your English to day-to-day changes. Small groups, assessments and certification.

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Insight Program

Insight Program

Hybrid format. So, classes are available anywhere in the world either live or recorded.

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Proficiency Preparation

Proficiency Preparation

Aimed at those who wish to pursue an undergraduate, master's, doctorate or even claim an international career.

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Intensive Program


Hybrid format. So, classes are available anywhere in the world either live or recorded.

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Testimonials from our students

Insighter Ayla Cardoso - Student

Ayla Cardoso

Saying just one point is very difficult, because I love this school! What captivates me is the way of teaching, simple and fun. Before I thought English was super boring, now I love it!
Insighter Thalles Junger - Engineer

Thalles Junger

I chose this course because of the dedication and attention of the teachers. The teaching method has dynamic classes and really prepares the student from the beginning to conquer international certificates.
Insighter Guilherme Zimmermann - Administrator

Guilherme Zimmermann

I researched for a year and within the American Insight team I found very involved and helpful professionals. The price-consuming rate was awesome, not to mention the high standard of all material.
Insighter Davi Barcelos - Oil & Gas Technician

Davi Barcelos

Oil & Gas Technician
American Insight helped a lot in my professional qualification, I learned my English base very quickly.
Insighter Daniela Santos - Student

Daniela Santos

The interaction in the classes was very important in my English learning. I highly recommend the school!
Adail Costa - Buinessman

Adail Costa

Here at the office, we decided to invest more in the qualification of our employees, and American Insight became our partner for the quality of education provided and the technical training of all of the team. I'm grateful for everything!

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