Whether in your chair, at our school, at your company or at the nearest coworking space... we only know one thing: we will make you fluent in English!

equipe american insight
Prêmio MPE de Competitividade do SEBRAE
equipe american insight


Making Brazil and the world bilingual.


Empreendedorismo, ética, excelência nos resultados, inovação, responsabilidade social, sucesso do cliente, sustentabilidade e trabalho em equipe.


Empowering people through foreign language teaching, opening doors that were once closed.


Provide the best language program for our customer in a unique and customized way around the world by 2030.

10 razões para você escolher a American Insight
para te ajudar a falar inglês de verdade.

Class time = focus on speech

At home = focus on writing

Constant Innovation

Winning Team

Internationally certified teachers

Constantly Trained Staff

Company that cares for the community and the environment

We don't use translation

Commitment to your dream

More than a class, a cultural and technological experience